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Tuesday Meeting

Journal Clubs and Progress Reports

If not differently stated the Tuesday meetings are held at 9 am in the seminar room on the 2nd floor.


Date Journal Club

Progress Report

 04.11.2019 Next-generation phenotyping using computer vision algorithms in rare genomic neurodevelopmental disorders ( Tzung-Chien  
 08.10.2019  Varsome - Tharindu
 24.09.2019  A survey on Deep Transfer learning
 10.9.2019    FlowCat Progress report - Nanditha
 27.8.2019 Introduction to facial recognition
ArcFace (
GestaltMatch project
 11.6.2019   rehearsal for ESHG
07.05.2019   Tzung Gestalt-Match project
30.04.2019   5 minute rounds
23.04.2019 Steffen Künzel  
26.03.2019 Ming (Whole exome sequencing and characterization of coding variation in 49,960 individuals in the UK Biobank ->PDF)  
12.03.2019  Arezoo Bozorgmehr. Machine learning on general medicine issues  
26.02.2019 (Peter)  
19.02.2019 Tzung and Ming rehearsal for GfH | Rajarshi Biswas  
12.02.2019 Fabian and Oleg rehearsal for GfH  
05.02.2019 Besuch Julia Frank  Exome Pipeline (Alexej Knaus)
29.01.2019 our GPS with discussion (Oleg, Carlo, Ming, Julian)   
22.01.2019 hands on with AWS and Docker (Fabian Brand)  
15.01.2019    Miguel Ibrarra
1) Topological Charactersistics in regulatory models in bacteria 2) Generation of automatic pipelines for metabolomic analysis in Galaxy
11.12.2018 Heiko Reutter and lab members  
04.12.2018 Friederike David, RNAseq pipeline  
27.11.2018   Fabian Brand (git repositories)
20.11.2018 Martin Atta Mensah Photogrammetry on DONSON and FA patients.  
13.11.2018   Ming (master thesis: capturing epistasis using deep learning)
30.10.2018 Carlo Maj (Polygenic transmission disequilibrium confirms that common and rare variation act additively to create risk for autism spectrum disorders) Matthias Becker (Accelerating genomic data processing with Memory Driven Computing)
25.09.2018 Oleg Borisov (Investigation of genetic factors and polygenic modeling for the human muscle fibers composition)  
18.09.2018 Miguel Rodriguez de los Santos (Characterisation of Pathogenic Mutations in Genes involved in GPI Anchor Synthesis and –Maturation)  
28.08.2018 Nijmegen Sommer School WrapUp (Nanditha, Jonas, Alexej) Ming(Deep learning on OCT scans)(Presentation)
21.08.2018 PARTEK-FLOW Help Session  
14.08.2018 Oleg Borisov (PheWAS) Carlo Maj (PheWAS PRS) (Presentation)
07.08.2018 Thomas Welchowsky (KernDeepStackNet: An R package for fitting kernel deep stacking network)  
24.07.2018 Julian Hecker (Nonparametric Regression using Deep Neural Networks)  
17.07.2018 Tzung-Chien: DPDL ProgressReport Nanditha: F2G & DPDL integration
10.07.2018 Alexej: Discussion on SOP of Exomes  
04.07.2018   Farhad (MS/MS proteomics)
12.06.2018 Alexej, Carlo, Tzung-Chien: ESHG poster presentation  
22.05.2018 Ming and Oleg (ACMG/AMP Bayesian classification) Oleg and Carlo (Polygenic risk scoring for Barrett esophagus and esophageal adenocarcinoma)
15.05.2018 Alexej Knaus (cDNMs in oocytes)  
08.05.2018 Carlo (TWAS in schizophrenia) Fabian (Cardiovasc and DL) + PartekFlow
24.04.2018 Dejan (Deep learning on variant data)  
17.04.2018 Tzung-Chien (face-matching) Dejan & Alexej (PIGU faces)
10.04.2018 Ming Wai Yeung (deep learning on GWAS data -> PDF)  
03.04.2018 Fabian Brand (image-based deep learning -> PDF) Alexej Knaus (Review on DLS)
26.03.2018 Dejan Dukic (GWAS faces) Sugi Sivalingan (NGS Pipeline)
19.03.2018 Carlo and Oleg (TWAS -> PDF)  
12.03.2018 Alexej Knaus (Clustered de novo in Oocytes) Student presentation (Ming Wai)
05.03.2018 Tzung-Chien (DPDL for GfH)  
26.02.2018 Mohammed and Lipika (Intro) Fabian Brand (Master Thesis)
19.02.2018 Peter Krawitz (RadarSoldiers) Fabian Brand (DeepVariant)
12.02.2018 Dejan Dukic (Introduction) Carlo Maj (Polygenic Risk Score -> PDF)
05.02.2018 Tzung-Chien Hsieh (DPDL) Oleg Borisov (Biostatistics)
29.01.2018 Julian Hecker (WES) Alexej Knaus (GPIBDs)
19.02.2018 Peter Krawitz (RadarSoldiers) Fabian Brand (DeepVariant)
12.02.2018 Dejan Dukic (Introduction) Carlo Maj (Polygenic Risk Score -> PDF)





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