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Dieck, S, Ibarra, M, Moghul, I, Yeung, MW, Pantel, JT, Thiele, S, Pfau, M, Fleckenstein, M, Pontikos, N, and Krawitz, PM (2020).
Factors in Color Fundus Photographs That Can Be Used by Humans to Determine Sex of Individuals
Translational Vision Science & Technology, 9(7):8-8.

Zhao, M, Mallesh, N, Höllein, A, Schabath, R, Haferlach, C, Haferlach, T, Elsner, F, Lüling, H, Krawitz, P, and Kern, W ().
Hematologist-Level Classification of Mature B-Cell Neoplasm Using Deep Learning on Multiparameter Flow Cytometry Data
Cytometry Part A.

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