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Peng, C, Dieck, S, Schmid, A, Ahmad, A, Knaus, A, Wenzel, M, Mehnert, L, Zirn, B, Haack, T, Ossowski, S, Wagner, M, Brunet, T, Ehmke, N, Danyel, M, Rosnev, S, Kamphans, T, Nadav, G, Fleischer, N, Fröhlich, H, and Krawitz, P (2021).
CADA: Phenotype-driven gene prioritization based on a case-enriched knowledge graph

Rodríguez de los Santos, M, Rivalan, M, David, FS, Stumpf, A, Pitsch, J, Tsortouktzidis, D, Velasquez, LM, Voigt, A, Schilling, K, Mattei, D, Long, M, Vogt, G, Knaus, A, Fischer-Zirnsak, B, Wittler, L, Timmermann, B, Robinson, PN, Horn, D, Mundlos, S, Kornak, U, Becker, AJ, Schmitz, D, Winter, Y, and Krawitz, PM (2021).
A CRISPR-Cas9–engineered mouse model for GPI-anchor deficiency mirrors human phenotypes and exhibits hippocampal synaptic dysfunctions
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 118(2).

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