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Sebastian Rassmann

Research Group: Artificial Intelligence in Medical Image Analysis (AIMIA)


Research Interests

Sebastian is a student research assistant with a background in Computer Science and Biomedicine. He is interested in the application of AI and modern computer vision applied to the medical field. He is working on developing computer-aided tools for the diagnosis of Rare Skeletal Disorders under supervision of Dr. Behnam Javanmardi and Prof. Dr. Peter Krawitz. Previously he has worked with automated analysis of microscopy images. 


Scientific Vitae


  • Since 2019:          Studies of Computer Science (B.Sc.) at Bonn university
  • 2016-2019:           Studies of Molecular Biomedicine (B.Sc.) at Bonn university 


  • Since 2021:          Research assistant at IGSB
  • 2017-2020:           Research assistant at the department of Biophysical Imaging at the Institute of Innate Immunity Bonn
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